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 Hell's Kitchen a la Stark

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Tony Stark


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PostSubject: Hell's Kitchen a la Stark   Fri 5 Jun - 10:12

‘’ Camera’s rolling! ACTION! ‘’

* The camera pan’s over the group of chiefs, all dressed for the show. *

Tonight it’s the Iron Man, the leader show in view and popularity of the century. Master chief Tony Stark had decided to make a reality TV show for his future restaurant. He was opening a new location down town New York and wanted the best chief to work for him. He didn’t believe in interviews and small talk. He wanted to see them work, crumble under the pressure and cry out of frustration. But the end result would be worth it and so much more.

Tony stood in front of his contestant, an amass of highly qualified chief. He rested his hands on his waist, looking over every face. He could already see the one’s that would be squished under the severity of his character and those who would rise to the challenge. He smiled venomously at the sorry lot and let the camera pan over them one last time before bellowing.

‘’ Welcome to Iron Man, the best decision you ever made in your life. You will compete to be the best and become my second in command at my new restaurant Jailbreak. It won’t be easy, you will hate me and so will I. All I care for is for the best food, nothing else matters. ‘’

He raised his hands in a cross letting the camera capture his pose, then pan back to the contestant. He took out a hat filled with papers of either red or blue color. They would in turn pick one and be attested to that team. Tony pointed to the first guy in line, some shy brunette with glasses. According to his name tag his name was Bruce Banner.
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Bruce (Hulk) Banner


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Date d'inscription : 2015-06-03
Age : 48
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PostSubject: Re: Hell's Kitchen a la Stark   Mon 8 Jun - 20:36

Bruce's palms were so sweaty that he could have drowned a puppy with them. He was so nervous. He couldn't believe he had been chosen for this big cooking show being head chef at the Jailbreak would solve all his problems.

Bruce was raised by a single mom. His dad had died in a car crash a few months before he was born. Money wasn’t really present in his younger years of life. The brunette had learn to cook with little thing. Cooking was a way for Bruce to express himself and all his sensitiveness. He was still living with his mom in a little cozy house in Denver, Colorado. Bruce worked as a personal Chef for some of the richest family of Denver.

Winning Ironman would allow him to buy a new house for his mom and he would treat her like the Queen she is. Margaret Banner has given everything for her son. She had worked as a cashier at the local grocery store during the day and as a caretaker for an old lady during the weekend. She still found time for her son. Yes if Bruce won the show he would definitely threat his mom.

The Great Tony Stark Called his name. Shaking with nervousness Bruce stepped forward until he was standing right in front of his Idol. “It’s me Mister Steak… Stark…I’m sorry sir “

Blushing furiously, Bruce Looked at his feet and picked a piece of paper in the hat. He unfolded the paper and found a blue Square on it. Still shy and ashamed of himself he gave it to Mr Stark.
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Hell's Kitchen a la Stark
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