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 A little insecurity from a loving Spider.

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Peter Parker


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PostSubject: A little insecurity from a loving Spider.    Fri 5 Jun - 10:31

Peter was bored, so bored that he had started taking picture of random things upside down hanging from the ceiling. He didn’t fight crime like he used to when he first became Spider Man. No now he was in the big guy’s league, he was with the Avengers. So that meant he couldn’t go after robberies or car chase. All in all it was freaking boring. So he occupied himself by taking pictures.

Dressed only in a pair of skinny tight jeans, he walked barefoot on the ceiling of his Penthouse. He still couldn’t get around the idea that he had a penthouse to himself. Well half of it was his while the other was his… Boyfriend? It was complicated between Wade and him. They had hit off as soon as they had seen each other. He would never say love struck, no, he wasn’t a teenage girl. But now that they shared their own place, Peter didn’t know where he stood in all of this. It had never worked with Gwen some years back. They even had gone out for three years before everything had crumbled on itself. She had decided to go to Europe for school and with his responsibility as Spider Man, he couldn’t accompany her. So it had ended after a harsh phone call.

So now that he was being confronted with his growing feeling for the crazy guy, he didn’t know what to do and he was so afraid to fail again. Blame his young age and inexperience if you must. He was glad to be part of the Avengers, who wouldn’t? But mixing in his personal life with his super hero one, may not be the best idea. Arg, he didn’t know anymore. On top of all that, Wade was a very hard guy to read. He could never be 100% serious and it ate at his insecurities.

‘’ Fuck that. ‘’ He said to himself as he jumps off the ceiling and landing on the floor in the living room.

He either needed to talk to Wade or go punch some bad guys. Maybe that would be the best for the moment. Maybe it would clear his head and let him think for once. Putting down his camera he went into the master bedroom and slid into his costume.
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A little insecurity from a loving Spider.
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