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 How to say sorry

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Tony Stark


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PostSubject: How to say sorry   Wed 10 Jun - 8:54

Thor had come to them three days ago spurting bullshit if you asked Tony. The guy had asked for Loki to accompany him back to Asgard and see their father, which had made his god once again curse at the fact that they weren’t family. Tony had asked the god to leave them be in all friendship and politeness due. Three days that Tony was now sleeping on the living room sofa or on the cot down in his lab. Loki wouldn’t let him return to their bedroom after he had colorfully plastered his point of view on the subject. Normally they would see eye to eye, but the little fact that his mother also wanted to see him, had Tony in the wrong.

So he was once again avoiding the god, busying himself in his lab in the basement of the Tower. He had Jarvis run some test on his latest suit and he was just sitting around the lab doing nothing important. Dummy was whirling nearby, trying to get Tony’s attention, for once actually worked. Tony turned towards his son and patted his metal head.

‘’ I screw up Dummy, bad. And I don’t even know how to go fix thing. ‘’

Tony sighed and leaned back on his sofa. The robot whirled again in his robotic voice, opening and closing his claw.
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How to say sorry
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