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 Thor's Floor.

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Edwin Jarvis

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Date d'inscription : 2015-06-02

PostSubject: Thor's Floor.    Wed 3 Jun - 13:16

This is Thor’s personal penthouse, top floor for better access to the roof. With the reminiscence of Asgard architect and home decor, you will find this floor to be of exquisite taste, if you’re into Old Norse mythologies and pelts. The color theme is gold and red, the proud flag of our Prince.

On this floor, you will find his personal master bedroom, fit for a king and equipped with all modern commodities. It has a custom made bed to accommodate the oversize sleeper, as well as full wall wardrobe.  It has and en-suite master bathroom, with hug Jacuzzi and glass shower.
The penthouse also has four extra bedrooms for guests and family, all elegantly decorated, each and accessible through the corridor to the left of the elevator.

Once out of the elevator, a vast living room welcomes you in. Surrounded by windows from all around, it offers you the best view in the city, worth well over a million dollars. The living room is separated in two sections, a quiet lounge with fireplace, sofas and plasma TV, giving a more intimate vibe. As for the second section, it holds a mini bar which leads to a kitchen and dining area.

To finish this amazing picture, to the far end of the living room you have access to this immense balcony. It will takes your breath away every time because of the sheer height and view.
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Thor's Floor.
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